Consumer right protection in an open market economy

Globalization has an important effect on regional economies, societies and cultures. This is done by integrating a global network of societies, cultures and trade. The term is associated with economic globalization. There has been a positive effect on the development of third world nations.

India, China has emerged as global powers in terms of consumer market and cheap labor. This has resulted in improved opportunity for jobs that is pouring in from USA, Europe, etc. The integration of consumer market world wide has resulted in aggressive marketing. Several large corporations are doing business in USA.

There are several types of consumer protection laws to protect the interest of the consumers. This ensures quality control of product being sold in US market. The governments on several occasions promote competition to some extent. This indirectly has resulted in consumer protection too.

This is because presence of one single company for a particular product will result in monopoly business. If the product is a necessity then the consumers will be left with no space to bargain.

A consumer is a person who has purchased a good or a service with the intention of using it. A person who has purchased for the purpose of resale can’t be called a consumer. He can be retailer, distributor, agent, etc but not a consumer under any circumstance.

Here in USA both the federal and state governments take care of consumer related matters. There are several types of laws taking care of consumer related affairs, they are:
1) Fair Credit Reporting Act (federal law)
2) Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (USA Statute)
3) Truth in Lending Act (federal law)
4) Fair Credit Billing Act (federal law)
5) Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act or Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999

There are several other acts that are in the process of drafting and many other that will come up in the future. The federal level consumer protection is enforced by Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice.

There are several consumer protection groups and together lobbying groups which influence legislation. There are several groups and forums which educate consumers and provide them with tips in case of consumer right violation.

In terms of consumer protection law California has the most stringent protection laws. This is due to the presence of several influence groups that are active in this state –Consumer Federation of America, Utility Consumers Action Network, etc.

In case your consumer rights have been violated contact a Consumer Law Attorney. There are several good consumer lawyers who you can find from online legal directories or simply from internet. You can also get a lawyer or an attorney from consumer forums too.

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Exactly what are the Benefits of Using a Conveyancing Solicitor When Re-Mortgaging a Home?

Solicitors tend to be professionals who take care of the legal procedures involved in any matter. Legal procedures built to easily be comprehended by the typical guy can become tough and busy in many circumstances. In such instances, taking the assistance of professionals who are very well acquainted with all of the formalities of legal procedures in several situations is the best option being handle these issues efficiently.

Conveyancing is the process of moving deeds of a house after selling or buying that residential property. Those who have experienced the selling or buying of residential property will certainly concur that employing a conveyancing solicitor is the greatest solution to cope with the entire process of moving residential property deeds. Many people would believe solicitors are way too high priced and that they prefer to do everything on their own to save cash.

The statement that solicitors are expensive might hold real, nevertheless the debate that you’d save money by not employing a solicitor and doing everything your self may possibly not be so real. This is because the procedure might come to be extremely complicated and you wouldn’t be capable cope with all technicalities.

Moreover, enough time and money invested in arranging the papers and verifying them would easily surpass any cost you’d experienced to cover a solicitor. There are numerous advantages of hiring a solicitor, with convenience being probably the most prominent of these all. After are some of the great things about employing a solicitor while re-mortgaging a house.

Lawyers have actually many years of experience with coping with situations regarding land and home, therefore, they might surely have the ability to comprehend all of the complexities better than anyone else – and is better prepared to create any documents that might be needed along the way. Due to their vast knowledge, they’d know-all the appropriate procedures taking part in re-mortgaging home, and so can handle an instance much better than a lay individual.

Paperwork is one of the biggest dilemmas of such procedures. There is a large number of kinds to submit and a lot of legal formalities to satisfy, which might be a headache for a layman. Companies demand various papers all the time and need numerous formalities become fulfilled because of the customers, which are always a headache with no assistance of a solicitor. The solicitor takes proper care of the whole procedure obtainable, while would not must raise just as much as a finger through the entire whole procedure.

They keep an eye on the development for the whole re-mortgaging procedure and so will always prepared for the following step. In addition, due to their vast knowledge they know very well what the next actions will be forehand, and so can prepare all needed report work nicely before time. This ensures smooth-running regarding the whole procedure.

Another good thing about employing a Conveyancing solicitor is the fact that they are able to realize numerous regards to the contract in an easy method, and therefore would definitely show to be helpful in reaching a package. There could be numerous terms in re-mortgaging agreements you could possibly not be capable comprehend, and thus with the aid of a solicitor you’ll ensure making perfect re-mortgaging contract.

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A Dangerous Products Lawyer Knows About Your Consumer Rights

Although almost all consumers value every penny of their hard earned money before it goes out of our pockets and we also take precautions to ensure the quality in our purchases, little do we realize that all products have a question mark on their safety quotient. To understand them better along with the threats they pose to the society at large we can benefit from the presence of a Dangerous Property Lawyer who go a long way in showcasing the possible areas we need to be extremely careful of and handle them in the correct manner when caught at the receiving end.

The fast paced lifestyles that have become a norm in todays times also bring with them a plethora of appliances and utilities that have risk embedded in them. From electric usable like heaters to ovens to toasters and geysers and entertainment gadgets and machines all of which have entered our lives not to leave them in the near future carry a very high degree of the risk element along with them. Any electrical malfunction can have profoundly disastrous impacts. Other utility items like automobiles, household machines and toys, furniture and equipment and medicine to name a few can become a hazard to the consumer instead of helping or benefiting from them.

There are instances where the product in question has either managed to breach the warranty or guarantee that it carried at the time of being sold. The law has direct provisions for the consumer to avail himself of the correct compensation resulting from any injuries affected from such a breach. Furthermore if any kind of negligence is found to be proved on part of the manufacturers pertaining to its design and testing factors before being made available to the customer, the law once again is on the consumers side. In order to put a strict curb on the trend of such production and manufacturing a direct appeal can also be made on the grounds that there was considerable damage caused due to these products being defective in nature which has directly injured the consumers.

Defects in the layout and design of products impacting the consumer is a serious case that needs to be rectified at the factory and developmental stage as it has chances to harm the user in various ways. On the other hand a manufacturing flaw needs to be controlled with a strict vigilance on the quality of production that is going out in the markets. In almost all products, it is mandatory for the manufacturer to put a warning to use the content in the correct manner so as to stay away from any sort of accidents. If for any reason this is not available in a legible or clear instruction, the consumer once again can seek the services of a Dangerous Products Lawyer to attain the suitable solution. As a source of evidence all paperwork along with the product and packaging should be preserved to help the case to be presented in a complete and decisive manner.

The Reeves Law Group is a large and prominent law group specialized as a Los Angeles Dangerous Product Lawyer firm.

The firm has solved thousands of consumer cases in Los Angeles, protecting consumer rights and been accepted as a prominent Los Angeles Wrongful Death Lawyer.

Consumer Credit- My Fico Transunion Credit Report Tutorial

Credit Card Options –

Credit Sense walks you through the Transunion credit report from – your true Fico score.

Credit Sense helps consumers around the nation to explore their credit options. We are continuously reviewing the best credit cards and their rewards programs, bonuses, and credit industry news. We use this knowledge to help our clients make the most informed decisions when it comes to each step of the creation of their credit history.

CreditSense offers the best information and tools on the web that consumers need to make sense of the vast array of credit options available to them today.

We are continually reviewing and monitoring the most current credit cards, rewards programs and bonuses, and credit industry news to provide you the information you need to make well-informed decisions when applying for a credit card, or other credit products.

Our easy-to-use credit card comparison tool, displays a customized list of the best credit cards to ensure that you can easily compare characteristics such as rewards, interest rates, annual fees, 0% balance transfer options and ultimately know which credit cards best fit your needs.

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Trading With Forex: The Issue of Margins

Buying on margin is almost a necessity in the Forex (Foreign Exchange market) because the standard transaction is $ 100,000 and known as a “lot”.  Lots have to be that big on the Forex because of the sheer volume of money changing hands-nearly $ 1.8 trillion dollars every day (and the market is open 24 hours per day, Sunday through Friday).  This huge volume is a large draw for investors along with other advantages, such as:

•  Large volatility means great opportunity for profit
•  Large volume means market is liquid and easy to enter/exit a position
•  Ability to profit whether the market is rising or falling
•  Stops and other account instruments can limit risk while ensuring maximum profitability
•  Opportunity for commission free trades

It’s simple:  The greater the risk, or volatility, the greater the potential for profit.  In truth, retail or smaller Forex investors could not even play on the Forex market until rather recently.  Prior to that, only investment banks, hedge funds, and really big investors could even trade on the Forex.  Without leveraging accounts (or trading “on margin”), there is no way that the average investor could afford to trade.

Now although the average Forex transaction is called a lot and $ 100,000, there are brokers that permit investors to trade “mini-lots” for $ 10,000 and some even offer “micro-lots”.  However, the typical transaction is a lot and the typical investor would need to put up $ 1,000 in order to acquire a position, or 1%.  Brokers and trading institutions need to have some kind of collateral in case of loss.  For retail Forex traders, that collateral is the 1% margin put up to acquire the position.  The broker will credit the trading account with this margin and secure it in the event of any future trading losses.  

Because of the large minimum trading amounts, leveraged trading is simply a practical necessity for the retail Forex trader.  However, because investment banks and other similar institutions must guarantee the loans used to leverage your trade-there is naturally an interest charge to factor into the transaction.  While margins do allow smaller investors to realize the huge profits available in the Forex, they tend to enhance the rates of loss while adding a systemic cost to the process.

Leveraged financing, however, is the backbone of the new Forex and definitely has helped to fuel its trade volume.  It is not common for losses to create a negative account because most brokers will close out an account once the margin has been used.  However, losses will mount quickly in such a volatile market which is why all investors are advised to place stops with their orders.  If stops are not placed and the account is not set up to zero out when the margin has been used, it is possible to incur losses all the way up to the size of the transaction, or $ 100,000 in most cases.  

It definitely scares some investors to think about the potential for loss when leveraging a position.  However, by simply setting stops in place, the potential for dramatic loss is contained while still allowing the investor the potential for unlimited profits.  Forex margins are a reality for retail traders but there is nothing to worry about so long as you set your account up properly and put stops in place.

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An Even More Refined Equity Selection Universe Breeds Better Performance

Exactly how much economic bloodshed is necessary before we recognize that there is no safe and easy shortcut to investment success? When do we learn that the majority of our blunders include our very own greed, concern, and impractical expectations?


Sooner or later, successful investors begin to allocate assets in an objective directed manner by adopting a realistic investment methodology — a continuous protection choice and monitoring process that is guided by practical objectives, selection rules, and administration directions.


If you’re thinking of trying a method for a-year approximately to see if it works, you’re due for a smack up alongside the top. Viable strategies transcend cycles, perhaps not years, and viable equity techniques give consideration to three to four self-disciplined tasks, the first of which is choice.


Most techniques ignore one or more of the other individuals.


Just how should an investor figure out what shares buying, when purchasing them? Will Rogers summed it up: “just purchase shares which go up. If they’ren’t going to go up, do not get them.” Numerous have actually misread this tongue-in-cheek observance and joined the “buy anything that is increasing” club. There is that “buy investment level price shares lower” approach increases results.


a Google search creates many different requirements that help to recognize value shares, the requirements becoming low cost to book price, low P/E ratios, also principles. However you would-be amazed the way the (self-serving)definitions can differ, and just how couple of through the term high quality.


In the belated 90’s, it was rumored that a well-known price investment manager had been asked the reason why he had beenn’t purchasing dot-coms, IPOs, etc. When he stated which they didn’t be considered as worth stocks, he had been informed to improve his meaning — otherwise.


Just how do we create a self-confidence building stock selection universe? Running on blind faith with one of many common meanings are also simplistic, specially since many of the numbers originate from the topic businesses. In addition, a few of the numbers might tough to obtain quickly, which is crucial to not get bogged down in unlimited research.


Here are five filters you can use to come up with a variety universe of good quality organizations, and you may acquire all the information inexpensively:


1. An S & P rating of B+ or better. S & P is a significant monetary data provider and its own “profits and Dividend Rankings for popular shares” combine fundamental and qualitative facets into a letter ranking that talks into the monetary viability of a company.


Potential market performance (a guessing game anyhow) is not an option. B+ and above score are thought investment quality. Everything ranked lower adds an extra element of conjecture on profile. An employee of thousands does pursuit for your needs.


2. A brief history of profitability. Demonstrably, a business with a history of profitability is a less dangerous investment than an unproven, start-up, or losing enterprise. Profitable operations adjust much more easily to changes in areas, economies, and business development opportunities. They are very likely to create profit-taking options for your needs.


3. A history of regular dividend repayments. The payment of dividends, and regular increases into the price paid, are signs of economic viability.  Organizations is certainly going to great lengths, and endure great hardships, before either cutting or omitting a dividend.


You don’t have to spotlight how big the dividend itself; equities really should not be purchased as income manufacturers. Conversely, organizations which enrich their particular officers plus don’t encourage people must certanly be averted.


Additionally, dividend slices are an obvious indicator of financial anxiety in the company.


4. A fair price range. Most Investment Grade Value Stocks trade between $ 10 per share and $ 100. When you yourself have a seven-figure portfolio, cost may well not matter from a diversification perspective, but in smaller profiles, a round large amount of a $ 40 stock is a lot to exposure in a single position, all at one time.


an abnormally high cost is due to a top amount of sector or organization conjecture while one digit price might be a warning signal. With no real architectural size limitations, personally i think preferred with a range between $ 10 and $ 90 per share.


5. A NYSE Indexed Protection. I am uncertain that listing requirements the NYSE remain more limiting than elsewhere, however it is beneficial to have the ability to give attention to only one collection of data. Market Stats, problem Breadth, and brand new Highs vs. brand new Lows tend to be reported independently by change.


Your IGVSI selection world will end up the conscience of equity financial investment program — enabling no space for innovative corrections towards the guidelines and instructions you’ve founded. It will be easy to focus on diversifying properly as well as on identifying stocks that are prepared to buy.


Always keep in mind that you would like to sell each equity at your target profit ASAP. Just what, you say, what exactly are targets? Well, protection selection is merely one area of the procedure.


It’s also important to establish appropriate variation, buying, and attempting to sell rules too. Including, we never start thinking about buying a stock until it has dropped about 20% from the 52-week high. Your actual “buy record” should transform day-after-day in symbol, # of issues, and day-limit cost.


You will need to apply consistent and self-disciplined judgment to your purchasing activity and that means you cannot break a formalized collection of variation principles on sector, individual issue, international interest, etc. And then the absolute most essential purpose of all — revenue targeting.


Never, ever, say “no thanks” to a net/net revenue of 10per cent, or less under specific circumstances, and you will be able to perform it once more, and once more, and again.


An added observance, as IGVSI stocks gyrate above and below your price (as they absolutely will), you can be certain that it is simply the type of the currency markets rather than an imminent economic catastrophe — hence should assist you to sleep evenings.


Free MCIM Webinars might nineteenth and 25th — seats available


Steve Selengut

Writer of: “The Brainwashing regarding the United states Investor: The Book that Wall Street will not would like you to Read”, and “A Millionaire’s Secret Investment Strategy”

Releasing Equity Advisor “?” An Ideal Person To Source The Best Deal

It has always been tough to choose the best equity release provider but the task has become tougher due to the stiff competition among the equity release companies. In a bid to attract more retirees, each of these companies is offering more and more facilities. The ordinary persons are really in the dark and do not know which one is the best for them. Making a wrong choice will push you in more trouble instead of ensuring a trouble-free journey in your twilight days. That is why it makes sense and pays to tap on the door of the experienced releasing equity advisors to clutch the best offer in the market.

An advisor is a qualified person who has the complete hang of the rules and regulations of various equity release schemes on offer by a myriad of equity release companies. The retired persons need impartial advice from a financial pundit who has been dealing with the equity release programs for several years.

Every releasing equity advisor has to work within the periphery of the regulations outlined by the financial services authority. You will be informed about this along with the service charge and mode of payment at your first-time meeting with the advisor. This information will not only be conveyed verbally but will be explicitly written in black and white in the form a business letter and an initial disclosure document.

The independent advisor plays a crucial role not only in combing the market and snatching the best releasing equity policy for you but he pays attention to your requirements and evaluates your financial strength too. You must disclose what you are in dire need of and should not hide back anything about your financial capability. All the schemes of the equity release companies can not be the perfect fit for everyone. It is not right to pick up whatever is rolling on one’s way. The advisor takes the responsibility of smoking out the policy that is the right match for a typical individual’s unique financial goals.

Be prepared to face some important questions thrown at you by the advisor. The person may seem to intrude into your personal life, but it is necessary for him to know the answers of all of the queries such as ‘Have you ever pondered over borrowing money from the friends and relatives?’ ‘Why do you want to resort to the releasing equity option?’ It is mandatory for you to sign the relevant section of the ‘fact find document’ to show your willingness to opt for the equity release program. This fact find process is a vital part of an advisor’s independent service to his clients and it gives you a peace of mind that you get the unbiased advice from the person you have trusted in this regard. This procedure lets the releasing equity adviser compliance officer and the financial service regulator know that each of the ‘Know your client rules’ has been scrupulously followed.

You advisor will discuss the pros and cons of different releasing equity schemes available in the market. The risk associated with every equity release policy should be discussed in detail. The guide must tell it on your face that the value of your property will dip down if you choose to release equities out of your house. On the basis of the discussion with you, the releasing equity guide will scour the market to source the best plan that finely meets your objectives and financial condition.

Jim Wright is a content writer on equity release companies. He keeps good knowledge on the releasing equity. For more information he always recommends you to

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Ultra enhanced Fish Oil – helpful information to Finding the Safest Fish Oil (Refined or perhaps not)

It is important to recognize that because a fish-oil is processed doesn’t mean it is safe. As opposed to getting just about any ultra processed fish-oil, follow this helpful guide, that’ll lead you to a safe and healthy source of omega-3 fish oil (if you really follow it).

Most types of ultra processed fish oil need to pass some kind of purity and quality requirements. The problem however is that the criteria of today’s globe still allow businesses to leave detectable traces of toxins and pollutants inside them.

Since a lot of the oceans worldwide are not pristine any longer, various types of seafood utilized in processed fish-oil includes trace levels of dioxins, PCBs, lead, alongside hefty metals.

The best omega-3 supplements will consist of oils which have been the subject of both a purification AND molecular distillation process. This is basically the best way to ensure that there is no noticeable contaminants remaining when you look at the oils being used within the product.

Any all-natural or extremely processed fish oil should contain large levels of DHA and EPA omega-3, that are the kinds which are many easily obtainable towards the human body. These also provide the absolute most benefits for your head, body, and heart.

I know just take omega-3 supplements made with hoki oil, that is a form of fish discovered around brand new Zealand. It has one of many greatest levels of DHA and EPA omega-3 efas.

This really is important to make fully sure you get a fish-oil health supplement (refined or otherwise not) from a business you can trust. Ensure they usually have a strong reputation and a stronger wellness philosophy.

This is especially true because health supplement business isn’t controlled such as the prescription and pharmaceutical medication industry is. Regrettably, what is noted on the label isn’t constantly what you be in the bottle.

A lot of companies, to keep their particular prices reasonable, will in truth purchase or use batches of fish having gone rancid as a result of oxidation. Using these types of supplements will cause unattractive and unpleasant burping and repeating. In order to avoid this, break available one of many capsules prior to taking a particular product to make sure it doesn’t smell ‘fishy’ or rancid.

You’ll find out all about the omega 3 DHA/EPA fish-oil supplements I undertake a frequent basis by visiting my internet site here. The company which makes them has the greatest safety and purity requirements worldwide today- and are clearly better than any refined fish oil readily available.

Discovering Characteristics of Legitimate Debt Settlement Companies


Debt settlement is purely based on negotiation with the credit card companies to eliminate or reduce the total amount of debt for payment. You can either do it on your own or take the help of professionals to negotiate on your behalf. You might try calling up your credit card company asking for a waiver on interest rate or the charges applied to your credit card. Explaining your willingness to pay the debt but inability to pay the whole amount due to lack of sufficient means might convince the creditors to reduce a significant portion of the total amount due.


However, at times the lenders find it difficult to believe an individual and his proposed plan of settlement, especially if his credit history shows an inconsistent payment in the past. Under such circumstances it is worth referring a debt settlement firm. These firms generally start with your financial details and use their softwares or tools to calculate the amount of debt you can possibly pay over a period of time. They tend to collect information related to your expenses, liabilities, households, assets and the secured as well as the unsecured debt.


The settlement program starts with accumulating the monthly payments in an escrow account. This is done to stop paying to the creditors directly for a certain period for two purposes.


* To create a background for negotiation, when lenders receive absolutely no payment they might be interested to know the reason and keen to agree for settlement

* To collect sufficient amount to offer the credit card companies with a lump some payment during negotiation.


Using this tactics, the settlement firms negotiate with the creditors on your behalf to eliminate 50-70 percent of the debt.


A legitimate firm would be accredited by Better Business Bureau and be associated with one the settlement organizations such as USOBA or TASC. They use their experience and expertise to negotiate the settlement. Years of practice and experience in the industry help them establish strategic relation with the credit card companies. The latter also tend to believe the debt settlement firms more than an individual when it comes to negotiation.


Finding legitimate debt settlement companies is not that difficult but consumers must know where to look. It would be wise to utilize a debt relief network that will qualify the companies for you and ensure that they are legitimate and have proven themselves. To locate the top performing debt settlement companies in your state check out the following link:


Free Debt Advice 

Contact Us:8883613619 is a matchmaker in the debt settlement industry. They have paired up thousands of consumers up with debt settlement companies who are most likely to get consumers the best deal.

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Low Interest Personal Loans – Avail The Finance With Affordable Rates

Sometimes it happens that a person would like to get crushed under to weight of his monetary restrictions, but would not apply for loan, due to the risk of paying higher interest rates. To solve such matters, there are low interest personal loans that are really cheap way to borrow.

With the support of this financial service, the borrower would get reasonable money for use. The cash can be used for medical urgencies, to meet your educational demands, planning a vacation, car purchasing and so on.

One can apply for these loans in two ways, specifically, an unsecured and a secured way. In the case of unsecured form, you do not need to place security against the borrowed amount. Both tenants and home owners can rely at personal loans for their monetary demands. In this way borrowers can achieve the fund up to 25000 for the time period of 1 to 25 years.

If you can offer the security and wish to borrow the big amount, then secured form can help you. You can avail the big amount in comparison of unsecured form due to the collateral condition. However, the amount depends up on your collateral value. Under the secured form you can avail the loan amount up to 100,000 for the time period of 1 to 25 years.

To get the amount in the personal loans online, you can easily avail the amount if you are 18 years old with the UK citizenship. To make sure that the person can pay back the amount on time lenders always check the income proof of the borrowers. A bank account is also required only after that the applicant will be able to get the approval.

The approval process is also very supportive where you just need to provide these details to your lender at the time of fill in the form. You can apply online if you want the process fast and simple.

Low interest personal loans offer the financial help for your personal demands in the secured and unsecured form. This is easy and perfect to meet the emergency needs for every segment of people.

Andy Copper is financial adviser of Usa Personal Loans. Please here to know more about low interest personal loans, 3 month payday loans, personal loans and online personal loans.

Doorstep Loans – Meeting Of All Needs Right At Home

A person’s whole life withers away in the tension of making money for hi self and his family so that all their requirements would get fulfilled easily without any tension. He tries to find out one or the other way to solve the issue, when he faces the problem of financial crunch. Are you also caught in a similar situation, where your need is also urgent? If yes then apply for doorstep loans right away. By going with this monetary service, the borrower would get hold of finances with which he would attain meeting of all needs right at home.

One can gather an amount that falls in the range of £50 to £500 and has to be paid back in the suitable settlement time duration of 1 to 30 days. You would get an approval for the money that is as per your repayment stability and fiscal capacity. By making use of the sanctioned amount, you can do things that are important for you. One can easily make the payment of the household and utility bills, can get small house repair jobs done, can send the car for a repair job, can pay the kid’s school and tuition fees, can pay the medical bills, can plan a family dinner and so on.

You can easily apply for doorstep loans with free of cost and no obligation that would be given on the websites of the money lenders. Fill it with your genuine personal details. You can do it from the comfort of your home or office. As and when the process of verification would get over, you would get an approval. In as less time as possible, the finances would get transferred into your bank account thaty should at least be 3 months old.

There would be no papers in this process of money lending. The electronic mode of monetary transaction would lead to no filling and faxing of documents. There is simply no need for you to worry.

All kinds of debts and defaults such as missed payment, IVA, CCJs, late payment, insolvency, bankruptcy, payment overdue, foreclosures and so on would not be given much importance at all. Such a person would get an approval easily without any apprehensions. You can easily avail this money, if you are a citizen of the country who is of or above 18 years of age, you should also bring home a fixed monthly income.

Antonio Vargas has been associated with finance world. His articles provides useful knowledge to find the various types of loans through cash loans and 12 month loans


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